SpraySealSuperior Asphalt and Maintenance is your choice for residential and commercial asphalt seal coating needs. Your parking lot or driveway is the welcome mat to your potential customers or visitors and it is important to give them a great first impression. Seal coating your pavement provides a clean and professional look you need.

At Superior Asphalt, we take pride in their work and bring the same quality service to every project we service. When seal coating asphalt, we thoroughly clean the surface prior to applying the sealant, edge all area to ensure there is no over spray over in around all concrete, buildings, etc., then move on to spraying the first coat, once that step is complete we let it cure and dry. Once it has dried we apply second coat and barricade the parking lot or driveway unit it is safe to be used.

Superior Asphalt offer asphalt sealing services in Evansville, IN, Owensboro, KY, Henderson, KY, Madisonville, KY & Utica, KY.

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